Talk: You Might Need Some Help With Preparing Dinner


女底色.png Hi. You said that you might need some help with preparing dinner. What would you like me to do?

男底色.png Thanks for coming over to help. I really appreciate it. First, could you peel the vegetables? I’ve put them all in the skin and there’s a peeler.

女底色.png OK, I’ll peel the vegetables and you chop them. I’m terrible at chopping vegetables. I always seem to chop them into pieces that are either too big or too small. … Wow! You can chop vegetable really quickly, just like professional chefs on TV!

男底色.png After you’ve chopped the vegetables, could you fry the meat in a little oil? Just use a very small amount of oil. Fry the meat until it is cooked, then we’ll add some spices to flavor it.

女底色.png Which spices are you going to add to the meat?

男底色.png These ones here. The one on the left is very spicy, so we must be careful about how much we add.

女底色.png Yes. We don’t’ want everyone to burn their mouths and have a drink gallons of water! OK. I’m really to do the meat. Should I cook it over a low flame?

男底色.png Cook it over a high flame, so that it will be ready quickly. Keep stirring the meat around the frying pan. Don’t let the meat stick to the bottom of the pan.

女底色.png Right. What are you doing over there?

男底色.png I’m mixing the sauce. It’s my specialty. I make it according to my own secret recipe!





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