Talk: I’m Thinking About Getting A Pet


女底色.png I’m thinking about getting a pet, but I’m really not sure which animal would be suitable. Could you give me some advice?

男底色.png Certainly! The first thing is to be honest about how much time for you can devote to your pet. Dogs are very demanding. You need to take them for walks and they love to play. Cats, on the other hand, are more independent.

女底色.png I’m fairly busy, so I really need an animal that I don’t need to care of very much. Actually, I’d like a pet that’s a little unusual. I don’t’ really want a typical pet, like a cat, dog, or hamster. Do you have any suggestions?

男底色.png Unusual pet are often more expensive to keep. Is that a problem?

女底色.png Not really. By the way, I don’t want a pet that could be dangerous, like a tarantula or rattlesnake.

男底色.png We have those, but I only sell them to people I know well, for obvious reasons. How about a lizard? I have some that are very brightly coloured who are not aggressive, and are easy to feed and look after.

女底色.png That sounds ideal. Could you show me some?

男底色.png Sure. Come over here. As you can see, I have a wide selection of species. They can live together, if you want lizards of different kinds. Do you have a favourite colour?

女底色.png I like the red one. What do they eat?

男底色.png You can feed them on very little things. They will eat small pieces of meat, but I’d recommend insects. You can get them from your garden, but remember that lizards eat a lot insects. I sell them there.

女底色.png Thanks a lot. What I’ll do is to find out more online and drop by next time.

男底色.png That’s fine. You shouldn’t make a hasty decision when choosing a pet.





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