Talk: I Think I Should Join A Fitness Centre


女底色.png I think I should join a fitness centre. I am getting a little fat and I’m totally out of shape. Even a quick walk of a few hundred meters leave me out of breath.

男底色.png I’m afraid you are beginning to look a little overweight. You really need to stop smoking. That’s the main reason you’re unhealthy.

女底色.png I guess you’re right. I’ve tried stopping, but i just can’t quit.

男底色.png Why don’t you try smoking one cigarette less each day? How many do you smoke each day now?

女底色.png I smoke around 30 each day.

男底色.png OK. So for one month, reduce the number you smoke by one a day. At the end of the month, you’ll have quit. You should also buy a tracksuit and go jogging every morning. You don’t need to jog far.

女底色.png If i do a few exercises at home, like crunches, I’ll soon deal with this waistline.

男底色.png Be careful when you go jogging. Don’t put yourself under too much stress. You’re still a smoker, so you shouldn’t do too much exercises in your condition.

女底色.png I’ll join a fitness centre. I’m sure they’ll be able to give me more advice. There’s one near my office, so I can go before and after work. I don’t want to go jogging in the street, so I’ll use a treadmill.

男底色.png Good idea. Remember to eat healthily too. The trainers at the fitness centre will be able to advise you on your diet.





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