Learn English Sentences Everyday [movies]

1. Some readers severely criticize those films, for the adaptation leaves no room for the audience to imagine; meanwhile other audience find it acceptable.

2. The original novels and adapted version in films can go hand in hand in harmony for the boom and flowering of the literature. The two do not have to be placed in such a binary opposition.

3. I think they can promote each other and the relationship should be beneficial. The original novels are the important part of the literature. They are the basic carrier of human culture.

4. For thousands of years, people start their education by reading books and many of them are concerned with literature. We have been long used to reading literature through books.

5. The technological advancement is on the move at an unprecedented speed in the present society. Besides, our society has been more and more commercial and realistic and material.

6. Because of all this, a lot of the original novels can be adapted into films for the consumers. The adapted films are part of the fast-food culture, in which people are impatient to read the novels in the original.

7. The audience want to save more time to get more from the books. As a result, the adapted films have satisfied their appetites.

8. As we can read from the entertainment news, a lot of novels in England and American have been adapted into films very successfully. And they are also very popular among the audience.

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  • Great going!!
    I have improved a lott
    I also want to learn English through movies…so could u please also provide movies along with all these…
    Thank you

  • The way you present these statements using general topics are too good.. It would help me to improve my skills in personal and professional manner as well.. Keep it up.

  • That was great idea to learn English from this type, I really appreciate your ideas!…

  • Now there are a lot of movie in bollywood which is adopted from many novels and the film earned good money also,because novelist kepp better knowledge than a film producer.

  • It is an extraordinary app it is help full to each and every student and thanks for introducing a nice app

  • I know english, But i have Problem to discuss in english, and i think also, if i say something to someone, they will understand or not, thats Why i am in suspission.
    So please tell me, what should i do for that .

  • I am also improving English from this app. First I would like to say to this app who started this app.

  • Hai, my name is vignesh from India, Kerala, TVM. I am a starter now i am in the begning of the english language. I am try to learn english communication skill. But in this app malayalam translation was not correct. So i want the help of an another dictionary. But always this dictionary was very useful👍

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