Learn English Sentences Everyday [hope]

1. There are many occasions in our lives on which we may feel like giving up, such as accidents, losing the beloved one, terminal illness, failing in an important exam, losing a job, and so on.

2. It seems that the seas of life are so rough and stormy that we are likely to get weary trying to keep our little boat from sinking.

3. However, if we have hopes, we will not let those life changing events get the best of us and succumb to helplessness.

4. Though hope is not an objective existence, it can arouse optimistic feelings for the future. As many psychologists’ researches indicates, reflecting on one’s failures is generally good, but when it takes too much time, it is dangerous, for it soon becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that will quickly break every slice of confidence that we have in ourselves.

5. That is how those who do not have hopes deal with these ups and downs. However, if people have hopes and always look forward to the future, they are able to envision a subjective picture of brightness in their mind, and take different measures to live a happy life.

6. Having a hope helps people get rid of doubts and fears of day-to-day life and the challenges they must overcome to stay on an even kee.

7. This can be best illustrated in clinics. Medical practitioners are always sensitive to the effects of their words so that their words might be acceptable to state the facts in such a way that they do not take away all possibility of hope.

8. Even if the patient does die, the time that he or she is given will be spent better if the patient has been allowed some hope, as opposed to spending the remaining lifetime in a state of perpetual fear that each day is supposed to be the last.

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