Learn English Sentences Everyday [confidence]

1. Confidence is extremely important in almost every aspect of our life. It is said that confidence is often the single ingredient that distinguishes a successful person from someone less successful.

2. Yet many people only govern their behaviors based on what other people think, stay in their own comfort zones fearing failure and so avoiding taking risks, and oftentimes work hard to cover up mistakes and pray that they can fix the problem before anyone wiser.

3. For those low-confidence people, they bear in their mind that some people are more competent, more beautiful, much wealthier than them, and hence they are reduced to frustrations.

4. However, confidence should not be affected by those differences in terms of appearance, wealth, and familyconnections. As people can not improve their financial situations and change their appearances overnight, they are likely to change their mindset to become confident.

5. For those who believe that confidence is based on wealth, appearance, and other external factors, their confidence is measured by external factors. In line with this belief, we can assume that only the wealthy, the beautiful, the handsome and the famous are confident.

6. I think this is not the case. If those people base their confidence in current situations, they are doomed to live gloomy and sad lives, for the perception of oneself has an enormous impact on what they will do in their daily life. Therefore, confidence is built from within instead ofexternal factors.

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