Talk: The Centenary of the Founding of the University


女底色.png How should we commemorate the centenary of the founding of the university? We have been given quite a large budget to pay for some events.

男底色.png We should certainly hold a big party for the professors and students. We could have a firework display.

女底色.png Do you think that we should invite alumni and former professors?

男底色.png If we do, too many people might attend. Perhaps we should invited all of them, but make a small charge to attend.

女底色.png Good idea. We should also hold a series of presentations. We could have presentations on the history of the university, the courses we offer, and our links with other universities.

男底色.png Cool! I think we could also have presentations by former students on how their experience here helped them in their lives.

女底色.png We could have another on the successes of graduates from here.

男底色.png I think that we could also produce some merchandise for the centenary-you know, T-shirts, mugs, plates, pens, and things like that.

女底色.png That’s an excellent idea. Hopefully, we would be able to make a profit! A few professors and students are writing a book on the history of the university.

男底色.png I’m looking forward to reading that. We could have book signings by famous professors an alumni.

女底色.png A group of students from the art and music faculty are producing a short film.

男底色.png I’m sure that will be very popular… OK, let’s think about how we can put these ideas into practice.





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