Talk: Studying Abroad


女底色.png Guess what came in the mail today?

男底色.png What?

女底色.png My acceptance letter to Yale!

男底色.png Wow! Congratulation! When do classes start?

女底色.png Freshman orientation is the last week of August, but I want to go two weeks before that to get settled in.

男底色.png You’re so lucky! Do you have to do many things before you leave?

女底色.png Yes. I’ll be very busy! I have to get a visa, buy a plane ticket, and pack my things. But first, I want to register for class.

男底色.png When can you do that?

女底色.png Well, they sent me their prospectus, so I can start looking now. Do you want to help me decide which classes to take?

男底色.png Sure. What can you choose from?

女底色.png Well, I have to take all the fundamental courses, plus a few from my major.

男底色.png What is your major?

女底色.png I hope to major in English literature, but the admissions counselor told me that many people change their major times in their first year, so we’ll see.

男底色.png What are the fundamental courses?

女底色.png In order to graduate, every student must take a certain amount of classes in history, math, English, philosophy, science and art.

男底色.png Interesting. It’s different.

女底色.png Yes, it is. It’s also very different from the British education system.

男底色.png Really?

女底色.png Oh, sure. In British, students don’t have to take the fundamental courses.

男底色.png Why not?

女底色.png Maybe because they think they know everything already!




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