Talk: What Jobs Are Popular in Your Country?


女底色.png What kind of jobs are becoming popular in your country?

男底色.png As in many countries, there’s been a big growth in anything related to computers. Young people are attracted to that field in particular. There’s also been a big growth in education.

女底色.png There’s been a growth in that field in my country too. A lot of people want to learn practical and professional skills.

男底色.png The interesting thing is that many of the teachers are not actually trained teachers. They are usually professionals who are taking a break from their jobs to pass on skills to others.

女底色.png I noticed that too. What are the people learning?

男底色.png In my country, they are usually studying something business-related, such as marketing, management, techniques, and human resource management.

女底色.png I think that jobs in the leisure industry will become more popular in the future.

男底色.png That trend has already begun in my country. In particular, there’s a big demand for people to work in fitness centers. Which kinds of jobs are less in demand?

女底色.png Those in traditional fields, such as agriculture and heavy industry. Younger people are not interested in doing those jobs and other countries have industries that can produce things much cheaper.

男底色.png Yes. My country is certainly expanding in the service and hi-tech sectors, but contracting in the heavy industry and primary industry sectors. However, our car and aircraft manufacturers are doing very well.

女底色.png They are well known for high quality, that’s why.





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