Talk: What Did You Do at the Office Today?


女底色.png What did you do at the office today?

男底色.png I had a really busy day. I had to work a little overtime. In the morning an important client called to place a large order. I had to check some things with my colleagues before confirming the order.

女底色.png What kind of things did you need to check?

男底色.png The most important thing was to check that we had the goods in stock. If the goods are in stock, we can deliver them immediately. I also had to check the price. This customer is very important, so they get special prices.

女底色.png I see. Did anything else happen?

男底色.png I received a lot of emails from potential clients that I had to answer. Each time, I had to check files to see what we had agreed at earlier meetings. Each client has different conditions and requirements.

女底色.png It must be difficult to remember the details for each individual client.

男底色.png Yes. That’s why we have everything on computer files. We don’t use much paper at our office. After lunch, I had to deal with a complaint form a client.

女底色.png I hate dealing with complaints. Was it a legitimate complaint?

男底色.png Yes, it was. I managed to sort out the problem, but I was tied up with the matter for over an hour.

女底色.png You certainly had a busy day.

男底色.png That’s not all! I also had to finish writing a sales report for my boss. In the end, I finished everything. I wonder what will be waiting for me tomorrow morning.




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