Learn English Sentences Everyday [agriculture]

1. Taking a historical view about agriculture, we can quite easily understand how much we rely on this trade, including the mode of life and the way we think.

2. As a result of population increase and petroleum industry, many methods that have been unthinkable before can now be adopted ,such as factory farming and inventing new types of fruits and vegetables. Many stand for this, whilst many others oppose it.

3. Proponents argue that traditional agriculture has always been slow and lack of efficiency in mass production of food, which is already a serious problem in many countries.

4. Also, factory farming can be very profitable since we can just get rid of the impact from climatic factors and pest invasion, thus every drop of nutrition can be utilized for every grain of food. New varieties of plant can also be a part of industrial production of food, since geneticists can be employed for more high-yielding species and new breeds of vegetables.

5. Opponents list the harm of factory production of agriculture, ranging from genetic disaster to the overuse of fertilizers.

6. For them, the concern of natural and organic food is above all other factors, they can even ignore the high price of fruits and vegetable, only if they are organic and grown in the field, that may mean safety even to the genetic level.

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