Talk: A Typical Workday


女底色.png Welcome to ABC Electronics. First, let me go over what we do in the department during a typical workday.

男底色.png OK. I understand that we basically work form 8:30 to 5:30 with an hour-long lunch break from 12 to 1, right?

女底色.png That’s right, although we do expect you to do a little overtime if there’s something important to do. The lunch break is flexible. You can go a little earlier or a little later if you prefer.

男底色.png That’s fine. Is it OK to have a coffee break during the working day?

女底色.png Of course. The main thing is that all our work must be completed on schedule. We even allow our employee to go home early if they finish their work early.

男底色.png How often do you have meetings?

女底色.png You should attend a department meeting every Monday morning. There are other meetings for people working together on certain projects. Department heads also attend an interdepartmental meeting each week.

男底色.png I’ve met some of my colleagues already. I’m sure we’ll get on well together.

女底色.png You are entitled to a company car. Have you seen it yet?

男底色.png I was told to take a look at it this afternoon and take care of all the paperwork.

女底色.png OK. This is your cubicle. At first, you’ll be responsible to me. Later, you’ll be working more independently.

男底色.png That’s fine. I need to learn how you do things here first. Salaries are paid directly in to our bank account, aren’t they?

女底色.png That’s right. Make sure you give the accounts department all your bank account details as soon as possible.




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