Talk: A Few Questions About Your Visa Application


女底色.png Good morning. I’d just like to ask you a few questions about your visa application.

男底色.png Sure. … Yes, that’s all correct.

女底色.png Thank you. For you student visa, we need evidence of your financial status for the last years. In your application, you only included it for four years.

男底色.png Really? Let me check if I have the document here…Yes, here is the document you need. I’m sorry, I must have forgotten to make a copy of it for you.

女底色.png Thank you. That’s fine. The document relating to your education are fine. The offer from the university is conditional on your English language proficiency test result. Do you have that yet?

男底色.png Not yet. I took the test last weekend. The results will not be available for another two or three weeks.

女底色.png OK. Everything else is in order. I’ll be happy to give you a student visa, valid for the duration of your course, when you bring me a certificate showing the result of your language test.

男底色.png Thank you very much. You don’t need any other document from me to process my application?

女底色.png None. Make an application to see me when you receive your results. When you bring the certificate to me, bring you passport too. Then I can give you the visa.

男底色.png Thank you very much.

女底色.png Glad to help.





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