Talk: We Start Our New Branch Office


女底色.png What do you think we need to do to get our new branch office running well?

男底色.png First, I ‘d make sure that we have a good, local, corporate lawyer. He or she will know all the local laws and regulations.

女底色.png That’s very important. A friend recommended a good law firm to me. We’ll need someone to hire staff.

男底色.png I think that we should send one of our HR people to do that. I don’t think we should use an agency, because they won’t be familiar with the type of people we employ. Have we decide on the location of the branch office?

女底色.png Yes. We have. We chose the location in the northeast of the city, not too far from the airport and on the edge of the CBD.

男底色.png Why didn’t we choose an office in the CBD?

女底色.png The offices there were too expensive. Have we negotiated any contracts yet?

男底色.png Yes. We’ve signed two contracts with companies that we already do work for in other countries. We hope to sign another three this month.

女底色.png When will the branch office open?

男底色.png Hopefully next month. Everything is a little rushed. We should be able to set up our branch office and expand our business quickly.

女底色.png Has and advertising campaign been prepared?

男底色.png Yes, it has. We’re going to target the business community through business magazine.

女底色.png I made plenty of business contract on my last visit and through the embassy. We should be able to get plenty of customers.




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