Talk: I Have to Read Pride and Prejudice!


女底色.png I can’t believe my English teacher is making me read Pride and Prejudice!

男底色.png Why not! It’s a classic; in fact, it’s one of my favorite novels.

女底色.png But it’s so old.

男底色.png Don’t judge a book by its cover. Do you kwon what it’s about?

女底色.png No, not at all.

男底色.png First of all, it’s a romance novel, set in the early 19th century.

女底色.png I didn’t realize it was a romance novel. What’s the main storyline?

男底色.png It’s basically about a father who tried to marry off one of his five girls.

女底色.png Why does he want to do that?

男底色.png Since he doesn’t have a son, he hopes that one of the girls will marry a wealthy man. That way, all of his daughters will be cared for.

女底色.png Won’t they get his inheritance?

男底色.png No, that’s the problem. Though they are well-off, once he dies, his house will go to his cousin. So, when he dies, the girls will have nothing.

女底色.png I see. This sounds interesting! Maybe my teacher isn’t so horrible after all.

男底色.png So ,are you going to read the novel or watch the movie?

女底色.png There’s a movie? My teacher didn’t tell me that!

男底色.png That’s probably because she wants you to read the book first.

女底色.png It would take a lot less time…

男底色.png How about this? When you finish the book, I’ll get the movie and watch it with you.

女底色.png OK. That sounds like a deal.





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