Learn English Sentences Everyday [phone]

1. There are alarms that mobile-phone use is ‘killing’ children, although ‘very slowly’. The question is that, if cell phones are not safe to use, then why adults should be allowed to use them and why kids should be otherwise?

2. Now that an increasing number of medical experts are pointing their fingers at the effects of radiation, parents have to weigh the obvious benefits against the potential health risks regarding their kids carrying handsets.

3. Many parents think that children should be allowed to use mobile phones as well, if only when absolutely necessary.

4. So, dismissed are claims that mobile phones are entirely harmful. To begin with, harmful or not, it is not difficult to recognize several advantages. On the one hand, working or traveling parents could find it easier to keep in touch with their children. On the other hand, children could communicate with their families, especially in emergencies.

5. Besides, a smart phone has actually become a popular toy featuring a variety of fun ranging from MP3 to camera to the Internet. In addition, these days a mobile phone is not expensive to buy while calling plans have become more affordable.

6. Nevertheless, warnings about the effects of radiation are getting ever louder. Critics begin to argue that possible unknown health risks related to the phone consumption could appear in much later life among children.

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