Talk: The Idea of Having A Single Global Language


女底色.png What are you reading?

男底色.png It’s an article about language. It talks about the idea of having a single global language.

女底色.png It seems that English already is the main global language. Does the article suggest that there should be an artificial language like Esperanto as the world language.

男底色.png Actually, it suggest English. The main argument is that English is already being studied as a second language in most countries-China, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Japan? So beginning again with a language like Esperanto would be wasteful. The second argument is that English is used in modern technology far more that any other language. Most emails are sent in English and the vast majority of websites use English.

女底色.png Does the article say anything about other language? How will they survive in an English-speaking world?

男底色.png The article points out that many languages have been lost and will be lost, but others will continue to be used for generations, even if English continues to be the dominant language.

女底色.png Right. All the people who speak Chinese, Hindi, French and Spanish aren’t suddenly going to stop using those languages.

男底色.png Exactly. The article suggests that those languages will be used, but that they will only rarely be used in international communication between non-native speakers.

女底色.png In that case, I shall continue to learning a few basic phrases in other languages.






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