Learn English Sentences Everyday [TV]

1. Some people believe that it is beneficial for children to spend time on TV, video and PC games, while some hold the opposite view. Talk about these two views and give your own opinion.

2. When it comes to whether children shall spend their spare time watching TV, video and playing PC games, people’s opinions diverse greatly. Some say it is basically a waste of children’s time, while others argue that children can benefit a lot from such activities.

3. It is firmly maintained by many parents and teachers that children’s main purpose is to pursue outstanding academic achievements at school. To beat their competitors, they must make the best use of every precious minute.

4. Therefore, they can not afford to indulge themselves before the “idiot box” as TV or in playing the senseless virtual games. Moreover, watching TV and playing PC games are addictive for many poorly-disciplined children, consuming their interest in study and eroding their academic aspirations.

5. However, many other people hold different views, arguing that if properly guided and supervised, children can expand vision and knowledge as well as foster their creativity from those fun activities.

6. There are many educational programs on TV such as Discovery which feed children extensive knowledge in science and arts. By sparking children’s interest and imagination in various topics, these programs are often more enlightening than textbooks.

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