Talk: London Is Such A Historic City!


女底色.png London is such a historic city! There’s history everywhere you look. There’s Nelson’s Column, built as a monument to one of the Britain’s great admirals and his important victory. He won the battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

男底色.png I’m looking forward to seeing Westminster Abbey, where many historic figures are buried, like Isaac Newton, the great mathematician and Winston Churchill, the great wartime leader.

女底色.png Nearby, on the banks of the Thames, there’s the statue of Boudica. She fought the Romans when they invaded Britain.

男底色.png Women have often played an important role in British history. Queen Elizabeth I built a navy strong enough to fight off the Spanish armada in 1588. More recently, Margaret Thatcher transformed British society in the 1980’s.

女底色.png She was a very controversial leader. Are we going to visit the famous Tower of London later?

男底色.png There’s a lot to see there. Perhaps we should go tomorrow.

女底色.png I’m looking forward to seeing the famous castle and prison. Many historic figures were imprisoned there in the past. I really want to see the crown jewels too.

男底色.png I’ve seen them before. They’re quite incredible. If you want to see historical figures in London , there’s one place you have to go.

女底色.png Where’s that? Oh, I know! Madame Tussaud’s the waxworks museum.

男底色.png There you can see British leaders, entertainers, criminals, and royalty.

女底色.png Sometimes, it’s hard to know who belongs in each section of the museum!





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