Talk: What’s the Plot of Your New Movie?


女底色.png What’s the plot of your new movie?

男底色.png It’s a story about a policemen who is investigating a series of strange murders. I play the part of the detective. He has to catch the killer, but there’s very little evidence. It’s a psychological thriller with some frightening scenes, but I hope audience won’t be too scared to go to the movie theatres!

女底色.png Did you enjoy making the movie? We heard stories of disagreement with other actors and with the director.

男底色.png I have had disagreement with every director. I’ve worked with. We’ve always disagreed in a friendly way and we have always resolved our differences. It was the same when I made this movie. I don’t know where rumours of my disagreement with Rachel Kelly come from. We got on very well and I hope to work with her again. I enjoyed making the movie very much.

女底色.png Critics are not very happy with the movies that you’ve made recently. Does that bother you?

男底色.png Not at all. The feedback from audience has been great. I care about what they think more than what the critics think.

女底色.png Did you do you own stunts in the movie?

男底色.png I wanted to, but my insurance company wouldn’t let me. All of my stunts were done by a stuntman. As you know, I used to do my own stunts, but I’ll leave that to the experts in future.

女底色.png Thank you very much for doing this interview.

男底色.png My pleasure. Have you seen the movie yet?

女底色.png Yes. I have. I liked it very much. Like you, I was very impressed with Rachel’s performance in the movie. She’s going to be a star.




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