Learn English Sentences Everyday [product]

1. Undeniably, advertising is a necessity for a business to promote its product and rake in much profits.

2. Since there are more and more competitors that go head-to-head in this commercialized society, only by investing more money in advertising can a product make a name, and even stand out. I would like to give an example.

3. My aunt started a business of fast food. At first, she believed that the taste was the key to attractmore customers instead of promotion and therefore, did not put much money in advertising.

4. However, soon she found that the company was suffering from huge losses because customers did not know their brand very well, which pushed her business into a tight corner.

5. Then she decided to add more money to advertise her stores by sending pamphlets and publishing tempting photos and blogs online.

6. Gradually she had a client base growing as fast as vines. Undoubtedly she finally turned this business into cash cows.

7. Now her deep-pocketed brand develops branches and earns more than millions of Yuan each month. Thus, this case has fully illustrated the importance of advertising.

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