Talk: I Would love to Be Famous


女底色.png I would love to be famous and have thousands of adoring fans.

男底色.png Really? I’m not sure that I would like all the attention. There have been numerous cases of paparazzi interfering with star’s private live in recent years.

女底色.png I love being photographed! If I were famous, I’d do interviews for all the top magazines, like Cosmo and Elle.

男底色.png I wouldn’t mind having my photo taken a few times or being interviewed once or twice, but it would get tedious after a while. Imagine the things the gossip columnists would write about you.

女底色.png No one really believes gossip columnists.

男底色.png I think you’ll find that many people believe what they read in gossip columns. You’d also have to be very careful about every word you said. If you appeared on a chat show and said something silly, it would be reported in all the newspapers and magazines.

女底色.png I think you’re right about that. I’d need a good manager to be my spokesperson. I could do a lot of charity work, which would help a lot of people.

男底色.png That’s a great idea. Which charities would you support?

女底色.png I love children, as you know, so probably a children’s charity.

男底色.png You’d have to remember that anything you said or did might reflect on the charity, so you’d really need to be very careful. Anyway, I’d be the first to buy your posters and I’d attend your first book-signing when you wrote your autobiography.

女底色.png Thanks, but actually I was hoping I could ask you to write my biography.








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