Talk: I’ve Been Chatting Online A Lot


女底色.png Hi, Dave! What’s up?

男底色.png Oh, not much. What have you been doing recently, Cathy?

女底色.png I’ve been chatting online a lot with friends.

男底色.png Where do you go to chat?

女底色.png I usually use Facebook. What about you?

男底色.png I’ve never chatted online before.

女底色.png What?? How is that possible? Why not?

男底色.png Well, my computer is really old, so most software isn’t compatible with my computer.

女底色.png Do you want to come over to mine? I can show you how to use it.

男底色.png How long does it take to download mp3 files?

女底色.png Not very long at all. I usually download at least 30 a day.

男底色.png Do you ever download any TV programs or movies?

女底色.png Sure, I’d say that I download at least on program a day.

男底色.png Do you think you could download some for me?

女底色.png Sure, just let me know what you want and I can burn it onto a CD for you.

男底色.png Let me see… I’ve heard a lot about a show called Friends.

女底色.png No problem. Did you know that there are many Friends forums online?

男底色.png What’s a forum?

女底色.png It’s a place you can go to online where you can chat to other people who have similar interests as you.

男底色.png Do the Friends’ stars ever show up there?

女底色.png Sometimes, people say they are the friends stars, but you never know who you’re talking to. For all I know, ‘Jennifer Aniston’ is really an old fat man.






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