Talk: What Do You Use Your Computer For?


女底色.png Do you use an anti-virus program to protect your computer?

男底色.png Yes, I do. I also use an anti-spyware program and a firewall. There are so many nasties on the Internet and so many people who are trying to use the internet to hurt other users. You have to be very careful and keep you computer clean.

女底色.png How often do you run your anti-virus program?

男底色.png I usually run it every few days. It finds a virus about half the time.

女底色.png Which anti-virus program would you recommend?

男底色.png How you tried this one? It’s very good and you can download it for free on the Internet. You can also download updates for free.

女底色.png That sounds very good. Which website should I visit to download it?

男底色.png Just a minute… go to this one. I’ll send you an email with the line in it. It only takes a few minutes to download. Then you have to go through the set up procedures. But they are not complicated.

女底色.png What do you use your computer for?

男底色.png I use it for several things-surfing the net, word processing and creating presentations. I don’t play many games on my computer, but I do a lot of work with photographs. Using computer program, you can edit and resize photographs. You can also make them brighter or darker and cut pieces form different photographs to create new ones.

女底色.png Computers are great, aren’t they? I should download some programs and learn how to use them.





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