Talk: The Internet and Email


女底色.png Hi! I see you are having fun with your new computer and Internet connection.

男底色.png There’s so much I want to do. I’ve just finished sending lots of emails to friends and family all over the world. I just ran a search for music to download.

女底色.png I can give you the name of a few useful website to visit.

男底色.png Thanks. That would be very helpful. I’ve discovered that it can take a long time to find exactly what you want. There’s too much information on the net.

女底色.png When you sent your emails, did you attach any files to them?

男底色.png Yes, I did. There’s an anti-virus programme with my email account that scans all attachments, so I’m sure I haven’t sent anything nasty to anyone.

女底色.png When you use the Internet, be careful not to give out your email address very often. If you do, you might get a lot of spam-unwanted email form companies trying to sell you things.

男底色.png That’s good advice. I should also be careful about giving out confidential information about myself, such as my password and credit card number.

女底色.png That’s right. Another thing to remember when you are surfing is that you can add a web page to your list of favourites. Your computer will remember the page and you can return there quickly next time you want to visit.

男底色.png How do I do that?

女底色.png Take this web page for example. Press the keys “control” and “d” together. Click on “favourites” at the top of the screen. There you are. It has been added to you favourites list. If you click it, you will automatically go to that web page again.

男底色.png That’s useful to know. Thanks. I’ll just log off and shout down my computer and we can go for a coffee.





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