Talk: There Are Advertisements Everywhere


女底色.png There are advertisements everywhere here in Hong Kong. The city is so bright at night, with all the neon signs.

男底色.png I like it. It makes the city feel alive. I like all the different colors and I like the billboards with eye-catching pictures and slogans.

女底色.png I think that there are too many of them. I think that companies spend far too much money on advertising. They should have lower prices instead. Then they would see more.

男底色.png I see your point, but if companies didn’t spend money on advertising, no one would hear about their products. I agree that some form of advertising can be annoying. I don’t like it when people try to give you leaflets with information about products you have no intention of buying.

女底色.png I really hate receiving spam. I also dislike having to listen to advertisements and jingles when they are broadcast in stores or on the subway.

男底色.png Yes, that annoys me too. With billboards, you can look away, but with broadcasts, you can’t avoid them. I like the way that advertising agencies use comedy in their campaign.

女底色.png I like that too. I don’t like the way that advertising campaign often tell you if you don’t buy a certain product, you’re not cool or modern or efficient or something.

男底色.png That kind of advertising seems to be very common with brand name products. They are always trying to maintain brand loyalty.




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  • yes ,now a days every company focusing on branding and advertising the product but what I feel is it’s not that great move they need to invest where they can improve the product and service to the
    Consumer rather than raising basic price of the product.

  • yes most of the time ads are making so boring. and i really dont like when i use my phone and ads start at front of my screen.

  • Yes,when I opened any app many ads comes so I don’t like this.. How to stoped them.. Any one say me

    • Yes I am also faced this type of problem so many times. I’m sorry I don’t exactly how can stop to the adds

      • It can be simple know ,we cant understand you can lose the lot of money by saking of advertisement, when we are started the business give one time advertisement enough,ofter we can stop the advertisement and we can give discount to the product

  • Most of the companys are providing the advertisements why because they makes a product to everyone know

  • It is a policy to sell any type of business products.People motivate on it and organisation team earn money by help of advertisement.

  • Splendid,it’s a great idea to discuss a matter through talk just like this.

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