Learn English Sentences Everyday [tech]

1. Hundreds years later, with the first installation of integrated circuit on the chip, another profound turnover took place.

2. Now the computer pervades our life so much that one may find himself half illiterate in absence of input skill.

3. This time, thousands of jobs were created in Silicon Valley, transforming some of the few into billionaire over one night.

4. Nevertheless, the original inventor might not expect that the ensuing slow down and thus recession in IT sector would approach so soon in less than 10 years, which is obviously less than a presumable 15 years time normal for a periodical change.

5. Positive or negative, one mark that characterizes the technological bombardment indicates a constant fact: changes exist ubiquitously and operating at an ever-increasing tempo; those who fail to catch up with the torrent of change would ineluctably engulfed by billows, floating no where and eventually dissolve as negligible bubbles.

6. Favors as well as opportunities goes to who adapt to the contemporary trend.

7. Fully recognizing this axiom, long before the scientists announced accomplishment of sketches of human genes or earlier successful cloning of Doris, candidates preparing for university admission have smelt the sense.

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