Be Hard on Yourself!

Loving yourself doesn’t mean drowning yourself in all kinds of material luxury. Neither does it mean complaining about how unfair the world is with all those lame excuses of yours.
If you love yourself, you should be hard on yourself.
Some parents spoil their kids. They keep their kids from any kind of pain. They defend them even when they’re wrong.
These kids will only grow into bitter old infants without any merit.
Some other parents love their kids, too. But they always deliberately steer their kids into all kinds of difficult situations.
This is because they know that ultimately you’re alone in your own life and there will be problems that can only be solved by you.
So, they have to make sure that their kids grow into warriors.
This is true love.
So, if you love yourself, be hard on yourself.
Don’t give in to your weakness, your laziness, your vanity or your fantasy.
Make yourself a warrior.

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