Talk: I Like to Take the Tests in This Magazine


男底色.png I see you have bought the latest copy of “Beauty and Fashion”. Are there any interesting articles in it?

女底色.png There’s an interesting interview with a top fashion designer about the latest fashions. I enjoyed reading her thought. The “which?” section is very interesting this month. They tested facial cleaners. The article recommends “all clear” for effectiveness and price.

男底色.png I like to take the tests that they print in this magazine.

女底色.png Which tests do you mean?

男底色.png You know. Tests like ”how jealous are you?” and “are you a fashion victim?”

女底色.png Oh, I see. I like to do those tests, too, but I don’t take them seriously.

男底色.png Of course not, but sometimes the results make you think about yourself and what you do. According to the jealousy test, I’m quite a jealous type of person. Perhaps I need to control my jealousy.

女底色.png I wouldn’t pay much attention to it. Apart from the articles, I like looking at the photographs of the latest fashions.

男底色.png It’s all soft advertising, you know, features and articles may do appear factual when they are really just advertisements.

女底色.png You’re right. It’s sometimes hard to tell which pages are advertisement and which ones are articles.



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