Learn English Sentences Everyday [argument]

1. All reliable information points to the fact that the Y2K Virus ( Millennium Bug ) will create havoc with computer systems worldwide at the turn of the century .

2. Statistical evidence lends support to the view that a massive influx of funding is needed to strengthen crime prevention programs .

3. Personal experience has taught that kindness to others pays untold dividends .

4. Case histories show that all nations face recurring periods of economic fluctuations .

5. Personal experience leads me to conclude that all people need to take time to smell the roses ( evaluate and appreciate the many good things they have in their lives ) .

6. Nationwide surveys conducted in 1997 revealed a dramatic rise in the ownership of television sets , refrigerators , air conditioners and washing machines .

7. History tells us that mankind has a tendency to repeat past mistakes .

8. We have amassed ample objective proof to show the urgent need for crisis intervention in suspected child abuse cases .

9. Unfortunately , available evidence fails to establish any direct link between smoking and cancer .

10. Fortunately , mountains of reliable evidence proves the direct link between smoking and cancer beyond any shadow of the doubt .

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