Treats Life As He Treats His First True Love

If you suddenly get old tomorrow, would you feel regret when you look back at your life?
Or would you feel that your life is worth it?
Or you have never thought about this kind of things?
If you ask somebody what the meaning of life is,
a thousand different people will give you a thousand different answers.
But for me, the answer is happiness.
Doing what I like in places that I enjoy.
These things are not only beneficial for myself. They are also making this society better.
Controlling my own pace like this may not have given me a wealthy life. But it has been giving me satisfaction day by day.
And I feel that life gets better everyday.
And at the same time, I have become a person that people enjoy.
And a person who people enjoy is a person who treats life as he treats his first true love.

Look forward to your reply!

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    • Nice thought.. Every one has up’s and down’s in their life.. So never worry.. Be happy and stay healthy

  • When we r happy the Life is like Sunshine….when we are sad the Life is like sunset…
    Treates life as a watch…time will spend day by day….

  • Love is life. But they are no love if you do only girl friend. Love is all family and relation also.
    Right guys

    • I don’t know that you are bro and sister but I somethings life means not enjoy your self say because we are going to pass away one day after the death we will be standing in front of the president of the judgment day he will give the account our deeds if we do good deeds, then we will go jannnah, if we do bad act we will go to hill…..thinking about it. …

  • By god!love word one of the meaningful word because love right means we should meet anyone,anywhere, that they’re by any religion Muslim, Hindu, Christian, and whenever we meet the people we should be sincerely hand shaking with them.lovi is life ……

  • Life is not that what you survive it’s that what you sacrifice

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