Talk: A Walk in the Country


女底色.png It’s so relaxing, taking a walk in the country. The air is so fresh and clean.

男底色.png Would you like to live in the country? I’m not sure I’d like it.

女底色.png I can see a lot of advantages and disadvantages. The problem is that, for me, each advantage has its own disadvantage.

男底色.png What do you mean?

女底色.png Well, I hate the noise in the city, but I love being around lost of people. The problem is that you can’t have lots of people and have peace and quiet. The town just don’t go together.

男底色.png I see what you mean. I love being far away from a city, but I hate being so far away department stores and sports facilities.

女底色.png People can’t have it both ways. If you live in the country, it is often less convenient. If you live in a city, it is noisy, buy there’s more to do.

男底色.png I would love to be surrounded by hills and streams. They’re so much better to look at than concrete, rows of parked cars and tall buildings.

女底色.png I would love to hear the birds singing and feel the fresh breeze on my face. When the wind blows in the city, you get dust in your mouth and in your eyes.

男底色.png The view from the hill is so beautiful and relaxing. There’s so sign of pollution. The village looks so peaceful.

女底色.png Just remember that in that village there’s nothing to do. There’s not even a pub or restaurant. There’s just one small shop with a poor selection of goods.

男底色.png You’re right. I would have to travel to the city at least once a week to go shopping and see friends. I would hate living in the country!



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