Talk: What’s the Weather Like in Your City?


女底色.png What’s the weather like in your city?

男底色.png In the summer it gets very hot. The temperatures are often between 37 and 40 centigrade. When it is hot we often get rains. The winters are drier.

女底色.png The summer temperatures usually often reach about 20 or 25 in my city. The rain falls mostly in the winter. And we often get snow.

男底色.png What are the temperatures like in winter? In my city they are about 15 or 20 degrees.

女底色.png  In winter temperatures often fall to zero. At night temperatures can be below that. The streets are often icing in the morning. With such high  temperatures you must get some thunderstorms.

男底色.png Yes, we do. In the middle of summer there can be found storms every day usually in the afternoon. I heard that your city has a lot of fog, is that true?

女底色.png  We do have a few foggy days each winter. But I would not say that we have a lot of fog. The sky are usually clearly over your city, are they?

男底色.png Yes, they are. Like I said we have thunderstorms. But each one usually only lasts a few hours. Then the sky is clear again.

女底色.png Have you ever had snow in your city?

男底色.png My grandmother said that there was snow once when she was a child. But my parents and I have only see it outside of our city.

女底色.png The river in my city sometimes freeze over. People go ice-skating on it. On summer people go boating on the river. But few people go swimming because it is not very clean.

男底色.png As you know, my city is on the coast. The water is also not very clean. But people still go swimming all year around. I prefer to sand bath on the beach when the weather is hot and sunny.


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