Talk: What Are the Seasons Like in Your City?


女底色.png What are the seasons like in your city?

男底色.png Summers is hot and usually lasts a long time. Winters are short, but cold, wet, and windy. I love the summers in my city, but I hate the wintertime.

女底色.png Does it ever rain in summer?

男底色.png We usually get a big thunderstorm every two weeks, but apart from that, summers are dry. Thunderstorms make the air fresh again, so most people don’t mind then.

女底色.png  What are spring and autumn like?

男底色.png I like spring because flowers bloom and trees grow leaves again. In spring, the weather is very changeable- sometimes cold, sometimes warm. It’s usually windy with some rain. Autumn is usually sunny and dry, but it’s gradually gets colder as winter arrives. What are the seasons like in you city?

女底色.png Well, I live in the southern hemisphere, so our summertime is your wintertime, and vice versa. We get some rain in every season, but most is in winter. In winter, it sometimes gets cold, but our winters are usually quite mild. Summers are warm, but not hot. Spring and autumn are both very short-sometimes just a few weeks each. The weather is very changeable then-just like spring in your city.

男底色.png Do you usually go on a summer holiday?

女底色.png No, I don’t. I go on a winter holiday instead. I go somewhere warm.

男底色.png I usually go on holiday during the spring or the autumn. I try to go somewhere where the weather is more reliable than in my city.


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