Learn English Sentences Everyday [loyalty]

1. Loyalty, a kind of lasting persistence and its precondition is that the subject of fidelity is worthy of such strong emotion.

2. In each society, loyalty is a indispensable and vital part of the system of morality. No matter in schools, at home or at work, first midst and last, people accept a similar education that as an individual, he or she should first have a sense of ligeance, that is work for the whole.

3. Of course, the subjects of loyalty are various including scientific theory, friends, family, schools, places of employment and the nation.

4. A vivid example can lend support to the statement is the heroical astronomer – Bronow, who advanced Copernicus‘ theory that the earth and other planets revolve around the sun, enraged the Roma church that held the Ptolemaic system of astronomy and was burnt to death just because he refused to give up his scientific theory.

5. It is the lasting loyalty toward truth that lead Bronow to sacrifice himself. And people all respect such duteous spirit.

6. However, without loyalty, the morality of a society will deteriorate into apathy desert and everyone just lives for him /herself, that is to say, no one is willing to pay loyalty to the whole, then finally the human civilization will fall apart.

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