Learn English Sentences Everyday [history]

1. First of all, to study history is to look at a road map of human behavior that has led us to where we are today in the world.

2. For example, the lessons learned during all of the past wars can make for more effective wartime leadership by avoiding mistakes made by past commanders.

3. The study of this type of history has a value beyond the daily lives of people. It can lead to a military victory or the success of a business that directly affects what happens in the future, including the futures of those that are possibly not even born yet.

4. Another example is that by studying history, parents can help to improve the lives of their children in the future.

5. Lessons learned by generations of their ancestors before them could help show them the way to properly raise a child.

6. What worked for others can give guidance to the parents of today and tomorrow to make sure that children are prepared for their own futures beyond their daily lives.

7. A further example of the value of the study of history beyond its effect on daily life is the treatment of the environment and the earth as a whole.

8. Looking back to the past to see the various effects of various human behaviors on the environment can show valuable lessons on what can happen if proper precautions are not taken.

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