Find Your Goal in Career

I remember there is a sentence in the movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona.
“She doesn’t know what she likes but she knows what she doesn’t like.”
This sentence is describing Cristina.
Back then I found this sentence really attractive. But that was when I was a foolish child and didn’t know yet how hard life can be.
Now I find no charm in this expression. I only see confusion and pain in it.
Not knowing what to do is the greatest suffering in the world.
I’ve suffered it, in my life and in my career.
The beauty that I once assumed I would find in this state of vacancy never existed. It only seems to be beauty when you see it in someone else’s life.
When it happens to you. Believe me. It’s not beautiful at all.
Now I really cherish the goals that I’ve found or set for myself.
Life can only be happy if you find something to work for.
So search for it when you still have time. End your suffering while you can.

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