Talk: Natural Disasters


女底色.png Are there any interesting stories in the newspaper today?

男底色.png There are a few stories about natural disasters. There is a massive forest fire in Australia. It covers several square kilometers of land has destroyed many more square kilometers.

女底色.png Was it caused accidentally or naturally? Sometimes it gets so hot that fires begin naturally in Australia and Africa.

男底色.png Nobody knows at the moment, but it has been very hot there recently. The drought in Africa is causing starvation. Millions of people have migrated to try and find food.

女底色.png What is the international community doing to help?

男底色.png The European union has sent several plants with relief supplies. Several countries have sent soldiers to distribute food and medical supplies. Refugee camps have been set up across the region.

女底色.png How many countries have been affected?

男底色.png Six have been seriously affected, but the refugees are also migrating to several surrounding countries.

女底色.png I saw on the TV yesterday that there has been another earthquake in Iran.

男底色.png Yes. There have been a few there recently. They say that this one was not a big quake. The Iranians are dealing with it on their own. They have purchased some special equipment to find people buried under rubble.

女底色.png Does the newspaper say anything about casualties?

男底色.png So far, less than 20 people have died, but over 100 are in hospital.

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