Talk: Famous Buildings


女底色.png That looks like an interesting book.

男底色.png It is. It’s got pictures of interesting building from all over the world, with brief descriptions of how they were build, their purpose, and so on.

女底色.png There are the pyramids. It’s easy to see how they got that name! They don’t have smooth sides though.

男底色.pngThey don’t now, but most of them did originally. There’s picture of the pentagon in the united states. It’s very distinctive with its five sides.

女底色.pngLook at that cylindrical office building. I’ve never been seen one that shape before.

男底色.png Yes. Usually only towers are cylindrical in shape.

女底色.pngTV towers are usually thicker at the bottom than at the top. They’re not perfectly cylindrical.

男底色.pngThis is the world’s largest sports stadium. It’s a massive oval.

女底色.png What sports do they play there?

男底色.png It says here that it’s mainly used for big football matches and athletics meetings.

女底色.png Is that building a perfect cube?

男底色.pngAccording to the book, it is. I’ve never seen a building that is a perfect cube. Look at the building. From the air, it looks like a square with a semi-circle attached to each of its four sides. What kind of building is it?

女底色.png Is says here that it’s a war memorial. Now, there’s a distinctive structure-the Atomium in Brussels. See? It consists of several connected by cylinders. I believe you can go up and down inside it.


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