Learn English Sentences Everyday [terror]

1. In the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks these questions have never seemed more pressing.
Key Points: in the wake of/ on one’s behalf
(1). in the wake of (often happen after sth.)
Outbreaks of diseases occurred in the wake of the flood.
(2). negative type + comparative adjectives = superlative adjective
Nobody else in the class is taller than John. = John is the tallest in the class.
Nobody works harder than Steven does. = Steven works hardest.
The food in that restaurant couldn’t taste worse.= The food in that restaurant tastes the worst.
I couldn’t have spent more time writing this book.= I spent a lot of time writing this book.

2. But those captured were anything but terrorists, most of them illegal immigrants from Central or South America.
Key Points: negative sentences
(1). anything but (never)
The bridge is anything but safe.
(2). far from
His plan is far from satisfactory.
(3). the last+ n.+to
That is the last thing to happen.
(4). fail to
We failed to negotiate with them.
(5). be free from
I was free from work last week.
(6). let alone
I never know him, let along his family.
(7). in vain
She tried to find out the truth, but in vain.

3. If Sept.11 had never happened, the airport workers would not have been arrested and could have gone on quietly living in America, probably indefinitely.
Key Points: go on
(1). start to work
The lights went on automatically.
(2). time passes
As time went on, he became more and more talkative.
(3). happen
What’s going on in your office?
(4). continue to do another thing
Let’s go on to the next item on the agenda.

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