Talk: We’ll Finish Them Just in Time



女底色.png We’ve god a lot of word to do now, but take your time over this project. We don’t want to make any mistakes.

男底色.pngOK. I should have it finished by Friday afternoon. Then I can check those account over the weekend. We need to have them finished by Monday, right?

女底色.png That’s right. We’ll finish them just in time. This project can wait for the time being. We need to spend several days on that project, but it isn’t due to be finished until the end of the month, so we have plenty of time to get it done.

男底色.pngFrom next week on, we should be in less of a rush.

女底色.pngI’m going to give everyone on the team an extra day off. Everyone deserves it.

男底色.pngDon’t’ say that yet. A new project could suddenly appear.

女底色.pngThat’s true. Right. I’m going back to the meeting. It’s been going on for hours and there’s no indication that it’ll end soon.

男底色.pngCarol said that she would spend some time checking that everyone is up-to-date with their work.

女底色.png Good. I have to go right now. I really hope this meeting doesn’t last too long.

男底色.pngThey usually go on for ages.

女底色.pngI’ll stop by if I have time later. Make sure everyone knows that we must stick to the deadlines.

男底色.pngI will. Enjoy your meeting!

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