Talk: Talking About Classmates


女底色.pngwhat do you think of the people in our class? I think most of them are fine.

男底色.pngI think so too. I don’t like Mike. He’s so arrogant. I despise arrogant people.

女底色.pngMark is fascinating. I’m fond of people who have something intelligent to say.

男底色.pngCarol’s fun to be with. I really look forward to hearing her jokes. What do you think of Tom?

女底色.pngI think he’s OK. He’s very quiet, so it’s hard to know what kind of person he really is.

男底色.pngI’m fond of Jane. She’s a very interesting girl. She’s crazy about boy-bands.

女底色.pngReally? I’m mad on them too. I should get to know her better. Are you keen on music?

男底色.pngI think that dance music is excellent. I love going to a disco and dancing to the music. I enjoy meeting new people there.

女底色.pngMy parents loathe dance music. If I play it at home, they always complain. Are you parents the same?

男底色.pngMy mom hates it, but my dad thinks it’s ok. He doesn’t mind as long as I don’t play the music too loud.

女底色.pngAre you hungry? Let’s go and get some pizza. I think pizza is delicious.

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