Talk: Suggestions and Requests


女底色.pngHello. How was the marketing meeting?

男底色.pngHi. It was awful. I think I put forward some great ideas, but none of them were accepted.

女底色.pngI’m surprised to hear that. I thought you had some very good suggestions.

男底色.pngSo did I. I ran the ideas by a few people before the meeting and the ideas seemed to have the supports of some people.

女底色.pngSo what happened in the meeting?

男底色.pngOne or two people didn’t take to my ideas very well. That was to be expected. The worst thing was that the people who said the ideas were good before the meeting didn’t support me during the meeting.

女底色.pngI wonder why not. We could always revise the suggestions, to take into account any objections.

男底色.pngThat’s good advice, but I’m not confident that even revised proposals will be accepted.

女底色.pngMay I make a suggestion?

男底色.pngSure. I’m open to any reasonable suggestions.

女底色.pngIs there a chance you could contact the clients confidentially and see what they think? If they like your ideas, perhaps they could put them forward as their own proposals. You won’t get credit for the ideas, but the clients will know they were yours.

男底色.pngI’m not sure that’s a good idea.

女底色.pngGo on. Take a chance. You could just hint at your idea. The clients should be smart enough to take a hint.

Look forward to your reply!

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