Learn English Sentences Everyday [college]

1. They are the place of the scientific discoveries that move economies forward, and the primary means of educating the talent required to obtain and maintain competitive advantages.
Key Points: move sth. forward/ the+adj.
(1). move sth. forward
We should try to strengthen the business and continue to move it forward.
(2). the+adj. = a certain group of people
The poor bet poorer; the rich get richer.
the blind/ deaf/ disabled/ healthy/ sick/ living/ dead/ rich/ poor

2. In response to the same forces that have driven the world economy, universities have become more self-consciously global: seeking students from around the world who represent the entire range of cultures and values, sending their own students abroad to prepare them for global career, offering courses of study that address the challenges of an interconnected world and collaborative research programs to advance science for the benefit of all humanity.
Key Points: in response to/ prepare/ represent/ for the benefit of
(1). in response to
In response to their hospitality, I wrote a thank-you note.
(2). prepare sb./sth. for sb./sth.
The teacher prepared children for the final examination.
(3). represent
This kind of painting represents a truly artistic work.
(4). for the benefit of/ for one’s benefit
I know his remarks were intended for my benefit.

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