Learn English Sentences Everyday [application]

1. Every day that they write in their journals puts them a step closer to fluency, eloquence, and command of language.
Key Points: command(n.) of/ subject clause
(1). command(n.) of
He has a good command of English.
(2). subject clause
1) that
That he hasn’t called is odd.
2) why/ whether
Why they left wasn’t important.
It was uncertain whether she would come or not.
3) what/ whatever
What I want is a watch.
Whatever you did was right.

2. He had a perfect resume and gave good responses to her questions, but the fact that he never looked her in the eye said “untrustworthy”, so she decided to offer the job to her second choice.
Key Points: response/ decide/ offer
(1). response
He made no response to my question.
(2). decide to do sth.
He decided to leave his job.
(3). offer sth. to sb.
They offered the opportunity to someone else.

3. “I was just thrown off by the lack of eye contact, not realizing it was cultural,” Tiffany says. “I missed out,but will not miss that opportunity again.”
Key Points: throw sb. off/ miss out
(1). throw sb. off
She threw off one of her pursuers.
(2). miss out
If I don’t go to the party, I shall feel I’m missing out.
Make sure you don’t miss any detail out.
I don’t want to miss out on all the fun.

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