Learn English Sentences Everyday [market]

1. With the world’s population estimated to grow from six to nine billion by 2050, researchers, businesses and governments are already dealing with the impact this increase will have on everything from food and water to infrastructure and jobs.
Key Points: estimate/ have an impact on
(1). estimate (a calculation of the value, size, amount etc of something made using the information that you have)
We just need an estimate of the number of people who will come.
(2). have an impact on
These are major policy decisions and they have solved many important problems; they are bound to shake things up and have an impact on education, industry and other spheres.

2. Although companies tend to take on specialists, they often seek out generalists for middle and upper-level management.
Key Points: take
(1). take after (take care of)
She takes after her mother almost in everything.
(2). take for
He speaks German so well that he’s often been taken for a native.
(3). take in (be cheated)
1) I was taken in by the salesman-the car turned out to be uneconomical and unreliable.
2) Fishes take in oxygen through their gills.
(4). take apart (to divide or split into different parts)
The boy took apart the toy car, but couldn’t put it together again.
(5). take sth. away
Nothing can take away the anguish of losing a child from his parents.

3. A liberal-arts degree coupled with an MBA or some other technical training is a very good combination in the marketplace.
Key Points: art
(1). art
a man of art, a school of art, the art of living
(2). arts (subjects such as history, literature, or languages in contrast to scientific subjects)
History and literature are among the arts.
the liberal-arts = the arts

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