Talk: I’d Like to Purchase A Pan


女底色.pngI’d like to purchase a pan.

男底色.pngIs there any particular size that you want?

女底色.pngWell, I cook a lot of big meals. 

男底色.pngWhat do you think of this one? It’s a 16″ pan.

女底色.pngYes, that’s the right size, but it’s so heavy. 

男底色.pngWell, look at our aluminum pan. It’s much lighter.

女底色.pngYes, this is very light. But the handle is also aluminum. 

男底色.pngNo problem. Look at this one. Same pan, but with a lightweight wooden handle.

女底色.pngYes. Oh, wait a second, please. What about a lid?

男底色.pngI’m sorry. I forgot to show it to you. Here it is. It comes with the pan.

Look forward to your reply!

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