Talk: Be Patient to Kids


女底色.pngI don’t want you to be worried, but our son has some bad habits now. He says painful words everyday.

男底色.pngWhat words? Can you tell me?

女底色.pngHe says kick mommy, beat mommy, don’t want mommy very quickly if I do something that he doesn’t like. You know, if I wash his face or change his clothes, things like that. 

男底色.pngHoney, I don’t know what to tell you. Of course Tony is a young child. But do not underestimate his ability to learn and reason.

女底色.pngYes, but sometimes he is just not reasonable.

男底色.pngI suggest you treat him with patience, affection, and respect. If he needs to do something, like go to bed, or be washed, etc., please guide or help him to get it done, but lead him with gentleness.

女底色.pngIt’s easy to say, but I will try. 

男底色.pngMotivate Tony to cooperate by rewarding his good behavior. Do not emphasize punishment for bad moods, etc. Do not threaten him with punishment if he resists the actions you desire.

女底色.pngI know my parents sometimes threaten to punish him. But this doesn’t work, instead he picks up another bad habit.



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