Talk: Start My Own Business


男底色.pngHi, Eve. How are you?

女底色.pngI’m well. And you?

男底色.pngFine. How’s your job going?

女底色.pngI don’t know if I told you or not, but I decided to start my own business.

男底色.pngReally? That’s fantastic. What kind of business is it? 

女底色.pngI’ve started an investment banking firm with some of my old colleagues from Goldman Sachs.

男底色.pngHow’s it going? 

女底色.pngIt started off a bit slow, but now, business is really booming!

男底色.pngThat’s such great news. I’m really happy for you! Where is your office located? 

女底色.pngOur head office is here in Beijing, but we’re planning on opening up two more offices soon.

男底色.pngWhere will those be located? 

女底色.pngIf all goes well, we’ll open one up in Hong Kong in April and another one in Singapore in October.

男底色.pngWhen will you find out? 

女底色.pngWe’re negotiating the final details of the leasing contracts tomorrow.

男底色.pngWell, good luck. I hope it all goes well for you tomorrow! 


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