Learn English Sentences Everyday [company]

1. I guess they thought me content to stay in the cubicles since I did not voice my opinion either way.
Key Points: content/ cubicle/ voice
(1). content (satisfied)
He is quite content with his present fortune.
(2). cubicle (a small part of a room that is separated from the rest of the room)
A young man hunches in a cubicle.
(3). voice as a verb, to tell people your opinions or feelings about a particular subject
I would like to voice a complaint.

2. Find out what you are worth on the open market.
Key Points: worth/ worthy/ worthwhile
(1). worth
1) n. how good or useful something is or how important it is to people
This research project is of great worth.
2) prep. (to have a value in money)
The house is worth a lot of money.
3) prep. (to say that something is interesting, useful, or helpful)
Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.
(2). worthy, adj (deserving respect from people)
1) She proved herself a worthy successor to the former champion.
2) She is worthy to receive such honor.
(3). worthwhile, adj ( important or useful, or you gain something from it)
1) Thank you for making my visit so worthwhile.
2) The smile on her face made it all worthwhile.

3. Some companies now offer etiquette seminars for employees who may be competent professionally but clueless socially.
Key Points: competent/ competence/ competitive/ competition
(1). competent, adj (having enough skill or knowledge to do something to a satisfactory standard)
We know you are competent in doing this job.
(2). competence, n.(the ability to do something well)
His thorough knowledge and competence were recognized.
(3). competitive (determined or trying very hard to be more successful than other people or businesses)
Nobody can entirely keep away from this competitive world.
(4). competition, n.(an organized event in which people or teams compete against each other)
Our team got beaten in the preliminary rounds of the competition.

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